Retro Granny Crochet Windbreaker

Embrace versatile weather protection with our Retro Granny Crochet Windbreaker. This stylish piece is crafted from 100% polyester, offering lightweight and water-resistant qualities for windy, rainy, or sunny days. The windbreaker features a breathable mesh lining that enhances comfort by minimizing static, ensuring a cozy fit in all weather conditions.


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Our Retro Granny Crochet Windbreaker is your perfect companion for windy, rainy, and sunny days. Crafted with 100% polyester, this lightweight, water-resistant windbreaker combines comfort and style. Its breathable mesh lining ensures comfortable wear by reducing static, making it ideal for all weather conditions.

Featuring a regular fit with elastic cuffs, a hood, and side pockets, this windbreaker offers both functionality and style. The zippable front adds convenience, while the option to layer it under a blazer or pair it with jeans allows for versatile styling. Complete your look with our matching windbreaker pants for a cohesive outfit.

Each windbreaker is handmade to order, offering an extensive range of sizes to ensure the perfect fit for everyone. This made-to-order approach not only provides you with a custom piece but also supports sustainable fashion by reducing overproduction. Thank you for making thoughtful purchasing decisions.

Key Features:
– 100% Polyester for durability and comfort
– Lightweight and water-resistant fabric, ideal for all weather
– Breathable mesh lining for comfort
– Regular fit with elastic cuffs for a stylish look
– Hood and side pockets for functionality
– Zippable front for easy wear
– Handmade to order, supporting sustainable fashion
– Available in an extensive range of sizes

Embrace style and sustainability with our Retro Granny Crochet Windbreaker, designed for the eco-conscious and fashion-forward individual.

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